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10 Other Arrangement:

10.1 Arrangement shall be made for community mobilization as may be required for implementation of energy development programme.

10.2 Rural energy systems shall be developed and expanded in the basis of cluster.

10.3 Access to energy shall be increased through different rural energy technologies and grid by preparing district level energy master plan based on district energy potential and requirement. Use of rural energy shall be encouraged in diversifying productive end

10.4 uses for industry, food processing, household equipment, agricultural equipment, irrigation, and drinking water in addition to cooking and lighting uses.

10.5 Except for the edible oil, research and development and dissemination shall be emphasized on oils that can be used as energy from vegetations, fruits and seeds and that are not used traditionally

10.6 As the rural energy is directly linked to activities traditionally carried out by the women, programmes of rural energy technology shall be implemented considering it as an integral part of the women’s enabling activities.

10.7 Fund received from selling greenhouse gas emission reduction sales shall be used for the promotion and development of the rural energy.