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Present health status

The present low level of health status is attributable to lack of political commitment, inappropriate strategies and weakness in implementation of preventive, promotive and curative health programmes up to the grass roots
level during the past 30 years. Because of those weaknesses even now the crude death rate is 16 per thousand, crude birth rate is 41 per thousand, child mortality rate is 107 per thousand, maternal mortality rate is 8.5 per
thousand and mortality rate of children below 5 years is 197 per thousand. These facts and figures have identified Nepal as an underdeveloped and backward nation. Regarding health services delivery, there is one hospital for One Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand persons and one doctor for Ninety Two Thousand persons in the rural areas. Likewise, only one hospital bed is available for nearly Four Thousand persons. There is only one health post for Twenty Four Thousand rural persons, which indicates the almost total inadequacy of public health services at the rural level.


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