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Chapter-4 Provisions relating to professional conduct
13. Professional conduct:

(1) For the purposes of Clause (b) of Sub-section (1) of Section 18 of the Act, the registered health professionals shall, while carry on health profession, observe the professional conduct as follows:
(a) Discipline and honesty: The health profession has to be carried on in a disciplined and honest manner.
(b) Maintaining decency and secrecy: They have to deal decently with the persons who come to their contact in
the course of health profession. They shall not disclose the information that they come to know about the
personal life or health of any person to another person except where so required by the prevailing law
(c) Prohibition on discrimination: In using the professional knowledge and skills, they should not discriminate against any person on grounds of religion, race, sex and social caste, tribe or any other matter.
(d) Perform that work which comes under their responsibility: A health professional should only do that act or make recommendation or suggestion which falls within the area related with the knowledge and skills gained by or the subject studied by him/her. He/she has to recommend the matter not falling within his/her responsibility and scope of work to the expert having gained the knowledge and expertise in the concerned subject.
(e) Prohibition on doing work undermining health profession: A health professional should neither receive
any kind of undue economic benefit by publicizing the professional business other than the remuneration,
allowances and other facilities receivable for service nor do any kind of improper act that may undermine the
service of health profession.
(f) Personal responsibility: A health professional should do every act required to be done by him/her in the
course of profession in such a manner as to be responsible personally.

(2) It shall be the duty and responsibility of every health professional to observe or cause to be observed the professional conduct fixed pursuant to Sub-rule (1).
(3) Failure to observe the professional conduct fixed pursuant to Sub rule (1) shall be considered a violation of the professional conduct.


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