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4. Basic Primary Health Services

(a) Sub-Health Posts shall be established in a phase wise manner in all Village Development Committees of Nepal. Each SubHealth Post shall have one village health worker, one maternal and child health worker and one auxiliary health worker. These Sub-Health Posts shall provide general curative, promotive and preventive health services. Immunization, family planning, maternity and child health, health education, nutrition, environmental education, sanitation, and treatment of malaria, leprosy and tuberculosis shall also be extended by these SubHealth Posts, up to the ward level.

(b) One Health Post in 205 election constituencies of Nepal shall be upgraded in a gradual manner and converted into a Primary Health Care Centre. In addition to the services as provided by Sub-Health Posts, arrangements shall be made for two emergency beds and one maternity bed in these Centres. The remaining health posts shall be operated as usual.

(c) The Health Posts operating at present shall provide all health services in the village Development Committee where they are located as is done by Sub-Health Posts and shall also supervise and monitor the activities of Sub-Health Posts.


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