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Schedule-6 List of State Power

(Relating to clause (2) of Article 57, clause (4) of Article 162,
Article 197, clause (3) of Article 231, clause (7) of Article 232, clause (4)
of Article 274 and clause (4) of Article 296)
List of State Power


1. State police administration and peace and order
2. Operation of banks and financial institutions in accordance with the
policies of Nepal Rastra Bank, cooperative institutions, foreign grants
and assistance with the consent of the Centre
3. Operation of Radio, F.M., television
4. House and land registration fee, motor vehicle tax, entertainment tax,
advertisement tax, tourism, agro-income tax, service charge, fee,
5. State civil service and other government services
6. State statistics
7. State level electricity, irrigation and water supply services, navigation
8. State universities, higher education, libraries, museums
9. Health services
10. Matters relating to the State Assembly, State Council of Ministers
11. Intra-State trade
12. State highways
13. State bureau of investigation
14. Physical management and other necessary matters of State
governmental offices
15. State Public Service Commission
16. Management of lands, land records
17. Exploration and management of mines

18. Protection and use of languages, scripts, cultures, fine arts and
19. Use of forests and waters and management of environment within the
20. Agriculture and livestock development, factories, industrialization,
trade, business, transportation
21. Management of trusts (Guthi)


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