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Schedule-9 List of Concurrent Power of Federation, State and Local level

(Relating to clause (5) of Article 57, Article 109, clause (4) of Article 162, Article 197, clause (2) of Article 214, clause (2) of Article 221, and clause (1) of Article 226)
List of Concurrent Powers of Federation, State and Local Level

2.Education, health and newspapers
5.Services such as electricity, water supply, irrigation
6.Service  fee,  charge,  penalty and royalty from  natural  resources,
7.Forests, wildlife, birds, water uses, environment, ecology and bio-diversity
8.Mines and minerals
9.Disaster management
10.Social security and poverty alleviation
11.Personal events, births, deaths, marriages and statistics
12.Archaeology,  ancient monuments and museums
13.Landless squatters management
14.Royalty from natural resources
15.Motor vehicle permits



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