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Chapter -1

Chapter -1  Preliminary
1. Short-title and Commencement:

(1) These Rules may be called “Kathmandu Valley Development Authority Rule, 2068.”
(2) These Rules shall come into force from the date of commencement of the Act.

2. Definition: Unless the subject or the context otherwise require in the Rules,
(a) “Project” means, the project related to the Land Development Program.
(b) “Act” means Kathmandu Valley Development Authority Act, 2045.
(c) “User Committee” means user group constituted from among the land
owners or the tenants to assist and manage of a land development project.
(d) “Employee” means employee working at present in the Authority.
(e) “Land Development Program” means the Land Development Program pursuant to Section (10) of the Act, and this expression also means the Land Development Program operated by the local agency having approval
as per these rules.
(f) “Ministry” means “Ministry of Physical Planning and Works.”
(g) “Local Body” means the District Development Committee, Village Development Committee or Municipality and this expression also includes Metropolitan city or the Sub-metropolitan city constituted as per the prevailing law in the project area.


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