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Chapter – 2

Chapter – 2 Operation of Physical Development Plan
3. Formulation and Approval of Physical Development Plan:

(1) While formulating physical development plan pursuant to the Section (5) of the Act, the Authority shall prepare, for sustainable development and management of Kathmandu valley considering the Kathmandu valley as a single entity, on the basis of the sustainable development concept, policy, and standard and by laws, sectoral plan or map.
(2) After the approval of the physical development plan by the Government of Nepal pursuant to Sub-section (5) (2) of the Section (5) of the Act, the plan shall be published in the Nepal Gazette with detail for the information of the
general public.
(3) The physical development plan shall come into force after publishing  the detail of the plan in the Nepal Gazette as per Sub-rule (2).

4. Co-ordination: It shall be the duty of the Authority to coordinate with the concerned body of the Government of Nepal, local body and other institutions in the course of performing the physical development planning or project.

5. Standard May be Promulgated and Enforced:

(1) The Authority may promulgate necessary standards and apply it to implement a physical development
plan or the construction by getting approval from the Government of Nepal.
(2) Concern person, body or institution shall have a duty to follow the standard promulgated pursuant to Sub-section (1) by the Authority.

6. Physical Development Programs May be Operated: (1) If any institution
intends to operate physical development programs within the planning area may
operate having approval from the Authority.
(2) While permitting to operate the physical development programs as per
Sub clause (1), the Authority shall prescribe necessary terms and conditions to the
concern institution.

7. Cooperation shall be Provided:

(1) If the Authority has issued an order to demolish or remove any part of a construction pursuant to Section (9) of the Act, the Authority may write to the concern body for not giving effect to the transfer of such property or not to accept the said property as security or mortgage until the concern person demolishes or removes the part of that construction.
(2) The concern body shall follow the order of the Authority accordingly if orders receive as per Sub-rule (1).
(3) The Authority may demand necessary security and help from the Government of Nepal or any agency to perform the task under the Act or Rules.
(4) The concern body shall extend necessary help upon the request of the Authority pursuant to Sub-rule (3) to the Authority.


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