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Chapter – 4

Chapter – 4 Meeting of the Committee and Provision Relating to Subcommittee:

16. Procedure to Regarding Committee Meeting:

(1) The meeting of the Committee shall be held as necessary.
(2) The meeting of the Committee shall be held on the date, time and place prescribed by the Chairman.
(3) The Member Secretary shall distribute a notice of the meeting to the members at least twenty four hours before the meeting.
(4) The meeting shall be deemed to have completed the quorum if more than fifty percent members of total number of the Committee are present in the meeting.
(5) The Chairman of the Committee shall preside over the meeting of the Committee and in case of absence of the Chairman at the meeting, the member chosen by the members of the Committee from amongst themselves shall chair the meeting of the Committee.
(6) The majority opinion shall prevail over the meeting of the Committee and in case of a tie in voting, the person who chairs shall cast the vote as a deciding vote in the meeting.
(7) The Committee may invite any official or the expert in the meeting of the Committee.
(8) The decision of the Committee shall be authenticated by the Member Secretary of the Committee.
(9) The other procedures relating to the meeting of the Committee shall be as determined by the Committee itself.

17. The Local Body to be Represented: In relation to the operation of own functions by the operating Committee, the Committee shall include the representative of the Local Body in the Subcommittee forming under the Section
16 of the Act for any work relating to physical development.


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