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Chapter – 6

Chapter – 6 Provision on Development Commissioner and Employees

22. Provision of Development Commissioner:

(1) There shall be a Development Commissioner to work as an Executive Chief of the Authority.
(2) The Ministry shall constitute the following a recommendation committee to recommend for the post of Development Commissioner pursuant to  Sub-section 17.1 of the Section 17 of the Act, except to recommend the person holding a position of Special Class or above of the Government of Nepal.
(a) The concerned member of the National Planning Commission. -Co-ordinator
(b) Secretary of the Ministry. -Member
(c) One person amongst from the former director generals of the Department of Urban Development and
Building Construction. -Member
(3) The Committee constituted under the Sub-clause 2, shall recommend a person having at least more than twenty years worked in the field of engineering, administrative or management after receiving the Bachelors degree from the reputed educational institution to appoint in the post of Development Commissioner.
(4) The Government of Nepal shall appoint the person in the post of Development Commissioner on the recommendation of the Committee pursuant to Sub-clause 3.
(5) The Committee pursuant to Sub-rule 2, shall itself prepare the procedure to be followed regarding the recommendation.

23. Functions, Duties and Power of the Development Commissioner: The Development Commissioner shall have the following functions, duties and powers.
a. To function as an executive chief of the Authority.
b. To prepared long term or short term planning, annual programs or  budget, submit to the Committee for approval.
c. To implement, to make implementing the planning or programs that has approved by the Authority.
d. To observe, to make observing the functions has completed by the Authority.
e. To co-ordinate with different bodies or institutions on behalf of the Authority.
f. To supervise or control the functions of sub-ordinate offices.
g. To do, to make doing other functions as determined by the Committee or operation committee.

24. To Remove from the Post:

(1) If the Development Commissioner appointed pursuant to Subsection 17.1 of Section 17, of the Act, has not fulfill his/her official responsibility or lack of competency, the Authority may constitute an investigation
committee for its investigation.
(2) If the investigation committee pursuant to Sub-rule 1, suggests to remove him/her from the post of Development Commissioner, the Government of Nepal, shall remove him/her from the post of Development Commissioner on the
recommendation of the Authority.

25. Provisions of Employees:

(1) The Authority shall have necessary employees. (2) The appointment, condition of the service, facilities or function, duty and power of employees of the Authority shall be according to the regulation
made by the Authority.

(3) Until the regulation is not made for appointing employees, pursuant to sub-clause 2, the Government of Nepal shall depute the civil personnel to work at the Authority.


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