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Chapter- 2

Chapter- 2
Provisions Relating to Selection of Institution or Worker
3. Criteria for selection of institution: In case a request is made to the
Go vernment of Nepal to se lect and send workers pursuant to Section 5
of the Act, the Government of Nepal may select an institution based on
the grounds set forth in Schedule 1 and send workers through such
4. Procedures for selection of institution: (1) The Government of Nepal
shall, for the purpose of selecting an institution through open
competition based on the grounds set forth in Rules 3, publish a notice
setting out the following details in a daily newspaper of national
circulation, by giving a time-limit of at least fifteen days:
(a) Name of the foreign country and employer institution
where workers are to be sent,
(b) Number of workers demanded for,
(c) Grounds for the selection of an institution,
(d) Details to be subm itted along with application,
(e) Place for the submission of application.
(2) Out of the applications receive d as per the notice published
pursuant to Sub-rule (1), the weighta ge sha ll be fixed according to each
ground set forth in Rule 3; and the institution which secures the highest
mark shall be selected.

5. Criteria and procedures for sending workers by making treaty or
agreement: In selecting required persons for the purpose of sending
workers by the Government of Nepal by making a treaty or agreement
with the government of a country ha ving diplomatic relations with
Nepal pursuant to Section 6 of the Act, selection sha ll be made in
accordance with the matters if any set forth in such treaty or agreement
and selection sha ll be made from amongst the persons who ha ve
fulfilled the following criteria and procedures in the case of the matters
not set forth in such treaty or agreement:
(a) Being able to read and write plainly,
(b) Having general information about the law, langua ge, culture of
and life style in the country to go for work,
(c) Having general information about occupationa l safety and health,
(d) Having obta ined the certificate of orientation training,
(e) Having obtained the fitness certificate from a recognized hea lth
(f) Having fulfilled such other procedures and criteria as may be
prescribed by the Steering Committee referred to in sub-section
(2) of Section 6 of the Act.


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