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6.2 Development of Human Resources:

6.2.1 It shall be encouraged to initiate the study of biotechnology and bio-information system in school leaving certificate, pre-bachelor, bachelor and master’s

levels of various secondary schools, universities and such
institutions related thereto.

6.2.2 Measures of promoting a common inventory of human resources shall be adopted for biotechnology.

6.2.3 Necessary initiation shall be taken to develop suitable human resources in the field of biotechnology and retain
the existing human resources and attract the new-comers.

6.2.4 Scientist shall be imparted with a short-term and long term necessary training on professional and innovative

6.2.5 Efforts shall be made to establish cooperation on study and research among national and foreign universities/institutions in the field of biotechnology.

6.2.6 Scholarships for master and PhD in science and technology shall be made available in biotechnology and
sector related thereto.

6.2.7 The program’s and systems for the promotion of entrepreneurship shall be developed by National
Biotechnology Research and Development Center, and Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology.



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