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Chapter -4

Chapter -4  Qualifications of inspectors and their functions, Duties and Powers

∗21. Qualification of Inspectors: The required minimum academic qualification for the appointment in the post of Inspector shall be as prescribed in the Rules applicable to the concerned Service and Group of the Civil service.

Amended by first amendment

Amended by first amendment
22. Power to stop Activities:

(1) In cases where the inspector finds it necessary in the course of investigations under Section 8 of the Act to stoop any activity which is in contravention of the Act or these Rule he shall do so with the permission of the Ministry as far as possible, and in cases where it is not possible to obtain such permission. He may stop such activity and inform the Ministry accordingly as soon as possible.
(2) In cases where information about any activity required to be stopped or stopped by the inspector under Sub-Rule (1) is received, the Ministry shall immediately cause an investigation to be conducted into the matter and issue an
appropriate order.

23. Inspectors to Submit reports of their inspection:

(1) After completing an inspection under Section 8 of the Act, the inspector shall be required to Submit to the Ministry a report of his inspection along with the details of his findings.
(2) On receipt of a report under Sub-Rule (1), the Ministry may take all or any of the following actions in that connection: –
(a) To summon the individual, institution or proponent who has caused pollution or emitted waste in contravention of this Act or these Rule and record his/her its statement,
(b) To have any plants, tools, machinery, Goods etc. examined,
(c) To impose a ban on the use of any tools equipment, machinery goods etc. if so deemed necessary following such examination,

(d) To issue any order which is deemed appropriate to control pollution or prevent the emission of waste.

24. Local administration to extend co-operation: In cases where the inspector requests for the help of the police because of the obstruction caused to him/her by anyone in the course of inspection or the need for using force at the time of conducting such inspection, the local administration shall make necessary police personnel available to the inspector .

25. Punishment to inspectors: In case where the inspector cusses any loss or damage to anyone by doing anything willfully or with mala fide intention in the course of discharging his/her duty under the Act or these Rules, he/she shall be punished according to the existing laws.


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