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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Provisions relating to laboratories

34. Only standard laboratories to be prescribed : While fixing any laboratories operated in the not – governmental Sector under Sub- section (10 of Section 11 of the Act, only those which have received the certificates of standard shall be prescribed.

35. Fuctions, duties and powers of Laboratories;

1) In addition to those mentioned in the Act, the functions, duties and powers of the laboratory shall be as follows: –
(a) To test goods or objects whose has been requested by the Minister or the concerned body concerned with the conservation of the environment and control of pollution, on a priority basis,
(b) In cases, it is found that the environment has suffered a serious impact as a result of the spread of a special type of pollution to conduct a test on such pollution, within the time- limit prescribed by the Ministry and submit a report thereof to the Ministry.
(2) Any laboratory, which is not equipped with the technology needed for conducting a test on pollution under Clause (b) of Sub Rule (1), shall conduct such test by a foreign laboratory on the request of the concerned body or the Ministry.

36. Test may be conducted by any other laboratory: The concerned body or the Ministry may test the pollution tested by one laboratory by any other laboratory as per necessity.

37. Power to publish the findings of tests conducted by a Laboratory: The concerned body or Ministry may publish, for the information of the general public, the level of pollution tested in a laboratory under these Rules.

38. List of laboratories to be maintained up dated: The Ministry shall prepare a list of Standard laboratories established in the Governmental and non- governmental sectors and maintain it up dated.


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