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Chapter 7

Chapter 7
39 Provisions Relating to formation of Managing committee:

(1) There shall be a  managing committee consisting of the following members, for the purpose of
managing, operating, and monitoring the fund: –
(a) Ministry of population of environmental Chairperson Joint Secretary
(b) Joint-Secretary, National Paying commission -member
(c) Joint-Secretary, Ministry of finance – member
(d) Deputy Governor, Nepal Rastra Bank – Member
(e) President Federation of Nepalese chambers of Commerce and Industries – Member
(f) One person from among environmentalists or Chiefs of Environment related non- governmental Organization -Member
(g) Joint- Secretary (Environment Division) Ministry of Population and environment -Member -Secretary
(2) The member under Clause (f) of Sub Rule (1) shall be nominated by the Ministry and he/she shall have a tenure of two years.
(3) The Procedure relating to meetings of the Managing committee shall be a determined by the committee itself.

40. Provisions relating to secretarial and Administrative expense:

(1) The Ministry shall function as the Secretarial of the Managing Committee.

(2) The administrative expenses required for the Secretariat of the Managing committee shall be borne from the budget of the Ministry.

41. Managing and operation of he fund:

(1) The fund shall be operated as a revolving fund.
(2) Amounts credited to the fund shall be deposited in an account opened in a bank the Managing Committee.
(3) The account opened under Sub-Rule (2) shall be operated in the manner prescribed by the Managing Committee.

42. Use of the fund : Amounts deposited in the fund shall be spent to activities connected with conservation of environment, prevention and control of pollution and conservation of the national heritages as well as the following activities in the manner as decided by the Managing committee.
(a) To provide necessary financial physical and technical assistance to the Institution playing an effective role in the conservation of the environment, prevention and control of pollution and protection of national heritage and
promotion of public awareness activities.
(b) To provide necessary financial assistance in the activities related to environmental education training and research.
(c) To make provisions for rewards to the individuals or institutions for rendering significant contribution in the fields of environmental conservation prevention and control of pollution and conservation of the
study national heritages.
(d) To formulate planes and implement programme not included in the regular programs relating to the conservation of the environment prevention and control of pollution and conservation of the national heritages.

43. Provisions relating to Accounts: The accounts of income and expenditure of the fund shall be kept according the prevailing laws.

44. Annual report to be published: The Managing Committee shall make public the annual report of its activities carried out all over the year for the information of the general public.


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