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Schedule -3

Schedule -3 (Relating to Rule 5)
Work schedule of Initial environmental examinations
1. Name and address of the individual or institution preparing the report,
2. Proposal’s:
(a) General introduction
(b) Relevancy of the proposal
3. Procedure to be adopted while preparing the report:
4. Policies, laws, Rules and manuals to be taken into account while preparing the
5. Preparing of the reports:
(a) Time:
(b) Estimated budget:
6. ………………….
7. Specific impact of the implementation of the proposal on the environment:
(a) Social and economic:
(b) Cultural and physical:
(c) Chemical:
(d) Biological:
8. Alternatives for the implementation of the proposal:
(a) Design
(b) Project site
(c) Technology, procedure of operation, time schedule, raw material to be

(d) Other matters.
9 Matters concerning the prevention of the impact of the implementation of the proposal on the environment.
10 Matters to be monitored while implementing the proposal.
11. Other necessary matters.

 Deleted by first Amendment


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