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Schedule -4

Schedule -4
(Relating to Rule 5)
Work Schedule Relating to Environmental Impact Assessment
1. Name and address of the individual or institution preparing the report:
2. General introduction of the proposal:
3. Data needed for the preparation of the report and procedure of collecting them:
4. Policies, laws, Rules and manuals to be taken into account while preparing the report:
5. Preparation of the Report:
(a) Time
(b) Estimated budget
(c) Necessary
6. Scope determined for the preparation of the report.
7. Impact on the environment on the implementation of the report:
(a) Social and economic
(b) Cultural and physical
(c) Chemical
(d) Biological
8. Other alternatives for the implementation of the proposal:
(a) Design

(b) Project site
(c) Technology, procedure of operation, time-schedule and raw materials to be
(d) Environment management system.
(e) Whether or not the risks resulting from the implementation of the proposal
can be accepted.
(f) Other matters.

9. Measures to remove any negative impact that may be noticed while implementing the proposal.
10. Particulars of the cost and returns of the proposal.
11. Matters to be monitored while implementing the proposal.
12. Relevant information, reference lists, bibliography, annexes, maps, photographs, table and shirts, graphs and questionnaires to be mentioned at the time of preparing the report.


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