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28. Application to be Submitted for Installation of Electricity Line:-

(1) The  consumer, who is interested to use electricity to be distributed by the  licensee, shall have to submit an application to his/her office in the format as  prescribed by him/her.
(2) On receipt of an application pursuant to sub-rule (1), the  licensee shall after inspection of the wiring, if deems proper from technical  and safety point of view shall arrange necessary action to supply electricity  to the applicant. If the licensee deems wiring improper he shall issue a notice  to the applicant for the improvement of the wiring.
(3) In case of dispute arising between the licensee and the consumer   in connection with the availability of electricity to the consumer after the  inspection pursuant to sub-rule (2), the affected party shall have to give an
application to the Chief Electricity Inspector. The Inspector by conducting  an inspection upon such application may issue necessary order. It shall be  the duty of both the licensee and the consumer to follow such order.
(4) The licensee before issuing notice of granting electric  connection shall make consultation with the person willing to be a consumer  regarding the service line and fix proper place for placing the energy meter.
(5) The licensee shall provide a copy of the cost estimate to the  person willing to be a consumer, showing the possible expenditure for the  electric connection and any material to be installed on his own cost.
(6) The electric line shall be connected only after the person willing  to be the consumer pays the cost along with the cost estimate as received pursuant to sub-rule (5) in the office of the licensee and the licensee shall
have control over such electric connection.

29. The Licensee should have to Install the Energy Meter:-

(1) The licensee  shall install energy meter on his/her own expense for the consumer to  measure the consumption of electric energy and may take security money as reasonable for meter installed.
(2) In case if electric connection is not in existence at the place of  the consumer the security money as deposited by the consumer pursuant to sub-rule (1) shall be refunded to him/her.
(3) Notwithstanding anything written in sub-rule (1), in special circumstances or if the person willing to be a consumer and the licensee  make mutual understanding for simplicity, the licensee may supply
electricity without installing any energy meter.
(4) The licensee shall cause to inspect technically the energy meter  installed at the place of the consumer from time to time and if the energy  meter is not in order to general operation, he shall change the new energy  meter without any charge.   Provided that, the licensee shall install the energy meter realizing the  price of the energy meter from the consumer in case where the energy meter  has become out of order or has been stolen due to fault or negligence done  knowingly by the consumer.
(5) The licensee shall cause the inspection of the energy meter within Fifteen days in maximum if the consumer submits an application stating that the energy meter is out of order or is running faster than the
normal pace.
(6) On inspection if it is found the energy meter is out of order or is  running faster than the normal pace, the licensee shall have to change or  repair such energy meter at free of cost.
(7) According to the claim of the consumer, if it is found the  consumer has suffered loss due to the energy meter being out of order or   running faster, the licensee shall compensate the loss from the date of the
application submitted by the consumer to the proceeding one month.
(8) The licensee shall issue a card to the consumer in which electricity  consumption and the amount paid for it of each month is clearly shown.
(9) The licensee may affix necessary seal, as required, in the energy  meter installed in the house and premises of the consumer or in other  materials installed for the purpose of supplying electricity.
(10) The seal affixed pursuant to sub-rule (9) should not be  displaced, destroyed or by any means damaged by any body other than the  licensee or the person appointed by him/her.
(11) In case if a consumer wants to change the place of the energy       meter, which has already been installed, at the convenient place, the licensee  by levying charge pursuant to Rule 34, shall cause it to be changed.
(12) The consumer shall not, in any way, try to handle or damage the  service line, energy meter, cutout or circuit breaker.

30. To Prepare the Description and Index of Consumers:

– (1) The licensee,  shall keep safely the description of the facts regarding the supply of  electricity to the consumers and such description should be shown to the  Inspector if he/she wants to see it in course of his/her enquiry.
(2) The licensee shall prepare a up-to-date list of the consumers  enjoying the service and persons willing to be new consumers within its area  of distribution of electricity.

31. No Line to be provided to others:-

The consumer should not allow electric  connection to other’s house from his/her own energy meter.

32. Light Installation at Street or Public Place to be according to the

As regards the expenses for the electricity charge, repair and  maintenance of the street lights or lights installed at public places, it shall be  governed by the agreement reached at the time of installation between the
consumer and the licensee.

33. Paying of Charges and Other Fees:-

(1) There shall be a liability to each  consumer to pay the electricity charge and other fees for enjoying the
electricity service as determined by the Tariff Fixation Commission  constituted pursuant to Section 17 of the Act.
(2) The period to pay the charges pursuant to sub-rule (1) shall be  as fixed by the licensee. While fixing such period the rebate shall be made  clear for those consumers who pay the charges before the fixed period and  additional charges to those consumers who do not pay charges within the  fixed period.

34. Other Charges:-

The licensee may charge other charges with addition the  electricity charge to the consumers for rendering’ the electricity service  pursuant to Sub-section (2) of Section 16 of the Act for rendering the
following services:-
(a) Installing of the electricity line,
(b) Transferring of the energy meter from one place to another,
(c) Reconnecting the electric line after disconnection,
(d) Changing the inside fuse of meter-box,
(e) Fitting of new seal in case it is broken,
(f) Transferring of the entitlement of consumer,
(g) Testing of energy meter,
(h) Making a vailable of consumers’ card.

35. Energy Meter to be Installed:

– The licensee, who produces the electricity  more than 1000 kilowatt, shall compulsorily install the energy meter.

36. Regarding the Design and construction of Electric Circuit:-

While  designing and constructing the electric line from electric generation plant or  main sub-station to the distribution transformer of the remotest location, it shall be done in such a way that the voltage to be transformed from the  transformer shall be proper and the consideration be given to the loss of  electric circuit and in the process of such construction; (if needed, the  tapping a vailable in the transformer may be used).

37. Information to be Provided in Case of Danger:-

In case when a danger  exists from the electrical installation in the consumer’s house or premises or   there is a possibility to have danger, the consumer shall inform the office of  the licensee as soon as possible.

38. Inspection and Maintenance of Service Connection:-

(1) Upon receipt of  the information pursuant to Rule 37, the, licensee shall assign a technician
immediately and cause to remove the danger.
(2) Whether or not the information is received pursuant to Rule 37,  the licensee shall cause to inspect and maintain the service line of consumer  in time to time by electric technician on such area where the distribution is
made by him/her and cause to maintain the safety measures.

39. Service Line to be Reconnected:-

If the consumer pays the charge fixed by  the licensee, the service line disconnected pursuant to Clauses (c) and (d) of
Section 19 of the Act shall be reconnected.


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