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4. Functions, Duties and Powers of the Board

4. Functions, Duties and Powers of the Board:

The functions, duties and powers of the Board shall be as follows:-
(a) To approve and implement and cause to implement the plans and programmes relating to the Pathibhara Area.
(b) To have contacts and coordination with foreign Governments, national or international associations or organisations, persons etc. in order to implement plans and programmes concerning the development of Pathibhara Area.
© To conduct investigations and researches of the social, economic, religious, cultural and archaeological aspects relating to Pathibhara Area or similar type of ancient places and materials having the historical value, and to maintain its records.
(d) To approve necessary program of tourism development which shall be suitable for within the place of Pathibhara Area
(e) Taking into consideration the importance, cultural value and sensitivity of any particular place in the Pathibhara Area, to specify and control the activities unworthy of doing in such places.
(f) To protect natural heritage in the Pathibhara Area and to maintain environmental balance.
(g) To manage school, college, health centre, bridge, electricity , telephone, road and like as useful public means within the Pathibhara Area, and to be kept cleanness without dirtiness and to conduct programs with coordination among Government offices, local bodies and non-governmental institutions
(h) In order to highlight the significance of the Pathibhara Area, to organise meetings, conferences, symposiums or exhibitions at the national and international levels.
(i) To conduct construction and maintenance works of Pathibhara Area in systematic way with the planned development.
(j) To maintain coordination among the bodies involved in the development and construction works to be conducted by the Government, non-Government and private sectors within the Pathibhara Area.
(k) To declare secured place of archaeological importance place.
(l) To conduct and cause to conduct other activities for the fulfillment of the objectives of the Board as per this Order.

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