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The articles specified in Article 5 may be registered.

Every registered article is liable, at the charge of the sender-

1st.      To the ordinary prepaid rate of postage upon the article, according to its nature;

2d.       To a fixed registration fee of 25 centimes at the maximum in the European States, and of 50 centimes at the maximum in the other countries, including the issue to the sender of a bulletin of posting.

The sender of a registered article may obtain an acknowledgment of de-livery of such article by paying in advance a fixed fee of 25 centimes at the maximum.


In case of the loss of a registered article, and except in case of force majeure, there is to be paid an indemnity of 50 francs to the sender, or, at his request, to the addressee, by the Administration upon whose territory or in whose maritime service the loss has occurred; that is to say, where the trace of the article has ceased.


As a temporary measure, the Administrations of the countries beyond Europe, whose legislation is at present opposed to the principle of responsibility, are permitted to postpone the application of the preceding clause until the time when they shall have obtained from the legislative power authority to subscribe to it. Up to that time, the other Administrations of the Union are not bound to pay an indemnity for the loss, in their respective services, of registered articles addressed to or originating in the said countries.


If it is impossible to discover the service in which the loss has occurred, the indemnity is borne in equal proportions between the two corresponding offices.


Payment of this indemnity is made with the least possible delay, and, at the latest, within a year dating from the day of application.


Every claim for an indemnity is excluded if it has not been made within one year from the date on which the registered article was posted.