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Article 17

Before permitting recourse to forced or compulsory labour for works of construction or maintenance which entail the workers remaining at the workplaces for considerable periods, the competent authority shall satisfy itself—

(1)       that all necessary measures are taken to safeguard the health of the workers and to guarantee the necessary medical care, and, in particular,

(a)        that the workers are medically examined before commencing the work and at fixed intervals during the                          period of service,

(b)        that there is an adequate medical staff, provided with the dispensaries, infirmaries, hospitals and                                     equipment necessary to meet all requirements, and

(c)        that the sanitary conditions of the workplaces, the supply of drinking water, food, fuel, and cooking                                 utensils, and, where necessary, of housing and clothing, are satisfactory;

(2)        that definite arrangements are made to ensure the subsistence of the families of the workers, in particular by facilitating the remittance, by a safe method, of part of the wages to the family, at the request or with the consent of the workers;

(3)        that the journey s of the workers to and from the workplaces are made at the expense and under the responsibility of the administration, which shall facilitate such journey s by making the fullest use of all available means of transport;

(4)        that, in case of illness or accident causing incapacity to work of a certain duration, the worker is repatriated at the expense of the administration;

(5)       that any worker who may wish to remain as a voluntary worker at the end of his period of forced or compulsory labour is permitted to do so without, for a period of two y ears, losing his right to repatriation free of expense to himself.