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Chapter-4 Miscellaneous

  1. Provision relating to monitoring: The provisions relating to the management of records of the persons who get social security and monitoring of the distribution of allowances shall be as prescribed.
  2. Power to establish care center: The Government of Nepal, Provincial Government or Local Level may establish and operate care centers, as prescribed, for taking care of the orphan children, incapacitated and helpless persons, persons with disabilities and senior citizens.
  3. To make report: Every Local Level shall provide description of the distributed social security allowance to the Government of Nepal and the concerned Provincial Government on a four-monthly basis.
  4. Power to frame Rules: The Government of Nepal may frame necessary Rules in order to implement this Act.

Provided that nothing herein contain shall prevent the provision of such social security allowances as being distributed by the Government of Nepal until the Rules have been framed under this Act.

  1. To make directives and procedures: The Ministry of the Government of Nepal looking after the matters relating to federal affairs may make necessary directives and procedures, subject to this Act and the Rules framed under this Act, on the distribution of the social security allowance.
  2. Power to alter the Schedule: The Government of Nepal may make necessary alteration in the Schedule, by publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette.
  3. This Act to prevail: The matters contained herein shall be governed by this Act, and the other matters shall be governed by the prevailing law.