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Chapter-6 Budget Appropriation and Grant for Motherhood and Reproductive Health

  1. To appropriate grant amount: (1) The Government of Nepal shall have to appropriate grant amount through its budget every year for every Local Level for the purpose of motherhood and reproductive health service.

(2) The Provincial Government shall have to appropriate certain amount through its budget as grant every year, as per the Provincial law, for the Local Level for the purpose of motherhood and reproductive health service.

(3) The Local Level concerned shall have to spend the amount appropriated as per sub-sections (1) and (2) for the motherhood and reproductive health of the economically extremely destitute women as prescribed.

  1. To appropriate budget by Local Level: (1) The Local Level shall have to appropriate necessary budget from its annual budget for the purposes of motherhood and reproductive health service.

(2) While appropriating budget as referred to in sub-section (1), it shall have to be appropriated in such a way that governmental and community health institutions providing motherhood and reproductive health service receive it.

  1. Reproductive Health Coordination Committee: (1) In order to make necessary suggestions to the Government of Nepal for preparing policies, plans and programs relating to safe motherhood and reproductive health, there shall be one Reproductive Health Coordination Committee as follows:

(a)       Secretary, Ministry of Health and Population           -Chairperson

(b)       Joint-secretary, Ministry of Women, Children

and Senior Citizens                                                                -Member

(c)        Joint-Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and

Technology                                                                             -Member

(d)       Director General, Department of Health Services              -Member

(e)        Representative, Nepal Medical Council                              -Member

(f)        Representative, Nepal Nursing Council                             -Member

(g)        Representative, Nepal Health Professional Council         -Member

(h)        Legal Officer, Ministry of Health and Population              -Member

(i)         Two representatives including one woman nominated

 by the Ministry from among the professional

 institutions/persons conducting studies and research

 or extending service in the field of reproductive health

 and right to reproduction                                                      -Member

(j)         One representative of Nepal Health Volunteers

 Association designated by the Ministry                              -Member

(k)        Director, Family Welfare Division, Health Service Department                                                                               -Member-secretary

(2) The Coordination Committee may invite the expert engaged in the sector of reproductive health and right to reproduction to the meeting as required.

(3) The procedures relating to the meeting of the Committee shall be as determined by the Committee itself.