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Army Act, 2063 (2006)

Army Act, 2063 (2006)
Date of Authentication and Publication
2063.6.12 (28 Sept. 2006)
Republic Strengthening and Some Nepal 2066.10.7
Laws Amendment Act, 2066 (2010) 1 (21 Jan. 2010)
Act Number 7 of the Year 2063 (2006)
An Act to provide for the Amendment and Unification of the Laws
relating to Nepal Army
Preamble : Whereas, the sovereignty of Nepal is inherent in the people of Nepal as the result of the historical peoples movement and the source of sovereign authority is vested in the people of Nepal;
Whereas, it is expedient to amend and consolidate the prevailing laws  relating to the establishment, arrangement, control, use and mobilization of the Nepal Army for making the Nepal Army accountable to the people of Nepal;
Now, therefore, be it enacted by the House of Representatives in the First year of the issuance of the Declaration of the House of Representatives, 2063.


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