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6. Objectives of the Trust

6.1 The objectives of the Trust shall be as follows: 6.1.1To maintain the Pashupati area as such as the Pashupati area of the 10………….Lord Pashupatinath has remained as a centre of reverence and a holy place for Hindu pilgrims since time immemorial;

6.1.2 To safeguard, maintain and develop the Pashupati area in a planned manner, in conformity with the ideals, glory and importance of the Lord Pashupatinath;

6.1.3 To maintain, protect and promote objects or sites of ancient, historical, religious, cultural and national importance, movable and immovable assets of the Lord Pashupatinath11 and natural heritages in the Pashupati area;

6.1.3A.12 To make arrangements for the performance of cultural feasts and festivals, and social and benevolent activities13 and worships in accordance with traditional religious rites and rituals in temples of all Gods and Goddesses, including the Lord Pashupatinath temple, under the State trust (Rajguthi), in the Pashupati area;

6.1.4 To make improvements in this holy site of pilgrimage as practicable in a planned manner and develop it as a site of international pilgrimage14 for the convenience of all Hindu devotees within and outside the country and of tourists, as well;

6.1.5 To perform other functions in a well-planned way in consonance with the objectives of this Act.

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