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7. Ineligibility for appointment in the Post of Judge

7. Ineligibility for appointment in the Post of Judge:

The following person shall be ineligible to appoint in the post of Judge:
(A) Punished from the court in the offence of corruption, rap, human trafficking, drugs trafficking, money laundering, misuse of passport, kidnapping and other criminal offences involving moral
(B) Until completion of the period of two years of being punished from concerned body in violation of professional conduct,
(C) Departmental action has been taken by dismissing from the job with being disqualified for government service or service of public institution in the future,
(D) In case action of censure has been taken in accordance with the law relating to concerned service, not been completed the period of one year from the date taking action of censure or in the event
of withholding of promotion or salary increment, during the period of such withholding,
(E) In the event of disqualified in accordance with Article 291 of the Constitution,
(F) In the event of being suspended in accordance with prevailing federal law,
(G) Until completion of the period of two years from the date of warning given in accordance with Section 14,
(H) Blacklisted in accordance with the prevailing law,
(I) Becomes the member of any political party during the time of appointment,
(J) Being insolvent, or
(K) Having mental disorder.


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