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15. Provision Relating to Inspection

15. Provision Relating to Inspection:

(1) The Chief Judge of the High Court shall, after carrying out inspection, send the report regarding the functions
and activities of the judge of High Court and District Courts to the Judicial Council.
(2) In addition to other things, the following details should be mentioned in the report as specified Sub-Section (1):
(A) Details of the checked annual attendance of the place where such judge has been posted;
(B) Judgments delivered by the judge throughout the year as per ratio of the cases registered in the concerned courts;
(C) Details of the judgments delivered by such judge which have been accepted or reversed by the superior courts, if any;
(D) Details of other activities regarding court management and operation.
(3) The Council shall also take the report prepared pursuant to Sub-Section (1) as a basis for assessment and for action against a judge.
(4) Other provision relating to inspection shall be as prescribed


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