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Chapter-7 Operation of Securities business


76. Business standards: Securities business person shall, in carrying on the securities business, observe the following business principles:-
(a) To maintain the operation of securities business fair and of high standards,
(b) To carry on the securities business with proper skills, care and hard working,
(c) To keep on the higher standard of stock exchanges,
(d) To obtain information from customers as to their objective to make investment and provide services accordingly,
(e) To provide such information and advice as may be required for customers to make decision on investment in securities,
(f) To avoid conflicts of own interests with the interests of customers and, in the event of the existence of such situation, to disclose that matter to customers and carry on the securities business having regard to the interest of customers,
(g) To make such provisions as may be necessary to fulfill commitments made in relation to the securities business,
(h) To properly maintain records relating to the securities business,
(i) To provide for necessary training to employees in order to prepare skilled human resources for the operation of the securities business,
(j) To observe such other principle as prescribed in relation to the operation of the securities business.

77. Provisions relating to identification of investors, purchase and sale order, contract note and payment of money: (1) Provisions relating to obtaining the identification of the concerned investor, opening a customer account, making transaction of money and concluding an agreement relating to transactions by any securities business person prior to carrying on the securities business shall be as prescribed.

(2) Any securities business person shall, upon making a contract on the purchase, sale or exchange of securities, make a contract note before the closing of market on the following day, and where the securities business person has made such a contract as an agent, the original copy of the contract note shall be delivered to the concerned customer and where such person has made such a contract for himself, such a person shall mention that matter in the contract note and retain the note with him.

(3) The contract note referred to in Sub-section (2) shall contain, inter alia, the following matters:-

(a) Type of securities business and place where such business is operated,
(b) Where the securities business person him/herself has acted as the principal, details thereof,
(c) Name and address of the person to whom the contract note is given,
(d) Date of the contract and date on which the contract note is prepared,
(e) Description and quantity of securities,
(f) Per unit value of securities,
(g) Description relating to consideration payable under the contract,
(h) Amount or rate of commission payable under the contract,
(i) If any fee is chargeable, the rate of such fee and description pertaining thereto,
(j) Day on which account is settled or cleared r, e
(k) Such other matters as prescribed.

78. Accounts to be maintained by securities business person : (1) A securities business person shall, maintain accounts and records in such manner as to adequately support the transactions in securities and clearly reflect the financial condition of the transactions done by him/her. While preparing the balance sheet and profit and loss account, it shall be prepared in such manner as to reflect the actual affairs.

(2) The accounts and records maintained by a securities business person pursuant to Sub-section (1) shall clearly and distinctly reflect the moneys paid by his/her customers wishing to purchase securities for the purchase of securities and distinctly reflect the accounts of securities and records, as prescribed.

(3) A securities business person shall prepare and maintain the accounts and records maintained pursuant to Sub-section (1) or

(2) and relevant financial statements and reports in such manner as prescribed. (4) A securities business person shall maintain the accounts and records to be maintained pursuant to this Section in such manner so that such accounts and records can subsequently be examined or inspected easily by the Board or the inspector appointed by the Board or the auditor or the concerned stock exchange if the Board or such inspector or auditor or stock exchange desires to make such an examination or inspection.

79. Insurance to be made: Each securities business person licensed to carry on the securities business, other than an agent, shall procure insurance of the business to be carried on by him/her, as prescribed by the Board.

80. Auditor to be appointed: (1) A securities business person shall appoint an auditor from amongst the auditors enlisted by the Board.

(2) Any director, shareholder, officer employee or partner of a securities business company or body shall be deemed disqualified to be appointed as the auditor of that securities business company or body.

(3) A securities business person shall give information, indicating the name and address also of the auditor appointed by it, to the Board within seven days from the date of such appointment.

(4) If a securities business person removes any auditor from office or such an auditor resigns from office, the securities business person shall give information thereof to the Board within seven days from the date of such removal.

(5) Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Act, no employee of a stock exchange shall be eligible to be appointed as an auditor of any securities business company or body.

81. To maintain roster of auditors: (1) For the purpose of appointment of auditor pursuant to Section 80, the Board shall prepare a roster of auditors having the prescribed qualification from amongst the auditors registered under the laws enforce.

(2) An auditor who wishes to be enlisted in the roster referred to in Subsection (1) shall make an application to the Board, as prescribed. An auditor who is so enlisted shall submit to the Board such information as may be specified by the Board.

82. Submission of accounts and statements: (1) A securities business person shall submit the audited profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement and other necessary financial statements clearly reflecting the operational affairs of securities business carried on in the preceding financial year to the Board and the concerned stock exchange within three months from the date on which such a fiscal year is expired.

(2) If a securities business person fails to submit the accounts and statements pursuant to Sub-section (1) and makes an application, accompanied by the reasonable grounds for such failure, to the Board for the extension of time limit, the Board may extend the time limit for a period not exceeding three months. In the event of failure to submit such accounts and statements even within the period of time limit so extended, the Board may fine such securities business person with a sum of five thousand to twenty five thousand rupees.

(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-section (1) or (2), a securities business person who is not able to submit accounts and statements by the reason of not having them audited within the time limit may submit unaudited accounts and statements on the condition of submission of actual accounts and statements audited subsequently.

83. Report to be made by enlisted auditor to Board: If an enlisted auditor, in auditing the accounts of a securities business person, finds that such securities business person has violated the financial Bye-laws, the auditor shall prepare a separate report thereof and submit it to the Board.


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