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12. Complaints

12. Complaints:

(1) If a journalist acts in contravention of his/her professional code of conduct, any person may file a complaint before the Council.
(2) Upon receiving of a complaint pursuant to the Sub-section (1), the Council may, carry or cause to carry out as follows upon conducting necessary inquiries ,-
(a) To cause to publish the statement of the aggrieved party in the concerned paper,
(b) To cause to make an apology to the aggrieved party and to cause to publish his/her statement in the
concerned paper,
(c) To cause to publish any comment, article or publishing material of the aggrieved party in the concerned paper, and
(d) To recommend to Government of Nepal for the suspension of any privilege or facility wholly or
partially received from Government of Nepal to a journalist who violates the professional code of
conduct repeatedly.
(3) The Council may express regret over a journalist who did not follow the decision of the Council as referred to in Sub-section (2) and may cause such matter to be published in publicly.
(4) The Council shall provide a reasonable opportunity for defense to the concerned journalist before taking any decision pursuant to the Subsections (2) or (3).

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