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Social Practices (Reform) Act, 2033 (1976)

Social Practices (Reform) Act, 2033 (1976)
Date of authentication and publication
2033.7.4 (20 Oct. 1976)
1. Administration of Justice Act, 2048 (1991) 2048.2.16 (30 May 1991)
2. Republic Strengthening and Some Nepal Laws
Amendment Act, 2066 (2010) 1 2066.10.7 (21 Jan. 2010)
Act Number 31 of the Year 2033 (1976)
An Act made in order to make Reforms in Social Practices
Preamble: Whereas, it is expedient to impose restriction on existing as well as
growing competitive pomp and worthless expenses in social practices in order to
make reforms.
Now, therefore, be it enacted by His Majesty the King Birendra Bir Bikram
Shah Dev on the advice and with the consent of Rastrya Panchayat.


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