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Chapter-9  Miscellaneous

Chapter-9  Miscellaneous
25. Punishment :

(1) If false details are submitted to register a ship as referred to in Sub-section (3) of Section 4, the owner of such a ship and a person who acts in contravention of Section 15 or 24A. may be liable to the punishment of a fine not exceeding Fifty Thousand Rupees or imprisonment for a term not exceeding Two years or both punishments,
and in such a case, the right of the concerned commercial ship to use the flag of commercial ship of ……… 11 Nepal may also be withdrawn or suspended for some period.
(2) If the name and place of registration as required to be written  on a ship pursuant to Section 19 are not written or unauthorized name is written or the name of a ship is altered without the permission of the Registrar, the owner of such a ship shall be liable to the punishment of a fine not exceeding Ten Thousand Rupees.
(3) The owner of a ship who fails to give a notice to the Registrar pursuant to Sub-section (2) of Section 24 shall be liable to a fine not exceeding Ten Thousand Rupees.
26. To try cases :

(1) The Registrar of the Nepal Ship Office shall have the powers to originally try and settle cases relating to the offenses punishable under this Act.
(2) In trying and settling cases pursuant to Sub-section (1), the Registrar shall exercise all such powers as may be exercisable by the District Court pursuant to the prevailing Nepal law, and follow the procedures of that Court.
(3) If the Registrar considers necessary, he or she may carry out necessary inquiry even outside…………. 12 Nepal by himself or herself or through other officer.
(4) One who is not satisfied with a decision made by the Registrar pursuant to Sub-section (1) may make an appeal to the Court of Appeal 13 within Thirty Five days.
27. Some provisions relating to contract : The type of contract to be concluded in relation to the renting or hiring of a ship registered or to be registered pursuant to this Act or the carriage/transportation of cargos or
passengers or engagement in any navigation work shall be so provided by the Rules under this Act as not to be inconsistent with the prevailing Nepal laws.
28. Qualification of body corporate operating ship : Fifty One percent of shares of anybody corporate carrying on the business of operation of a ship registered or to be registered pursuant to this Act shall have to be subscribed by Nepalese citizens or the Government of Nepal.
29. Power to frame Rules : The Government of Nepal may frame Rules to  implement the objectives of this Act, and such Rules shall be deemed to have come into force after being published in the Nepal Gazette.

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