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Solid Waste Management Act, 2068 (2011)

Solid Waste Management Act, 2068 (2011)
Date of Authentication and Publication
2068/3/1( 2011/7/ 21)
Act no. 4 of 2068 B.S.
Preamble: Whereas, it is expedient to make the management of the solid
waste in a systematic and effective way by reducing at its source, re-use,
processing or discharge and for maintaining a clean and healthy environment
through the reduction of adverse effects that may be caused to the public health
and environment by amending and consolidating the laws relating to the
management of solid waste like most essential services laws,
Now therefore, this Act has been promulgated by the Constituent Assembly in
the capacity of Parliament under Article 83 of the Interim Constitution of
Nepal, 2063


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