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Chapter -3 Provision Concerning Transfer Centre And Landfill Site

Chapter -3 Provision Concerning Transfer Centre And Landfill Site
11. Prescribing Transfer Centre:
1) Local Body may fix any location as a transfer centre to manage
the solid waste collected at primary stage.
2) While prescribing a Transfer Centre under Sub-section (1)
specification shall be made, taking into cognizance that the
environment and public health shall not be adversely affected and
necessary provisions shall be made to manage the site against the
bad odors.
12. Sanitary Landfill Site:
1) The Local Body shall, under the prevailing law relating to
environment prescribe a sanitary landfill site for the management
and permanent disposal of the solid waste collected within its
2) Local Body shall, for prescribing a landfill site under Sub-
Section (1), if the Local Body has no land of its own or its land is
not appropriate for solid waste management, take appropriate
land on lease and prescribe the landfill site.
3) Management of solid waste may be done on private land, under
Section 16 for prescribing the development and Operation
Sanitary Landfill Site.
4) The local body shall, for prescribing a sanitary landfill site under
Sub-section (1) or (2), in case of non- availability of land, after
selecting an appropriate site, request the Ministry for making
available such site.
5) The Ministry shall make the land (site) available after acquiring
such land, if any request is received pursuant to Sub-section (4),
under prevailing Nepal law.
6) The Ministry may, on the written request from local body, in case
of appropriateness of landfill site both local bodies, prescribe a
place as Solid Waste Management Landfill Site.
7) The operation of the landfill site and the works to be carried out
after the closure, shall be carried out according to the prescribed
environmental standard.
8) The management works to be carried out after the closure, shall
be made according to the recommendation made in the initial
environment examination and the environment impact assessment
report of the sanitary landfill site area.
9) The Local Body may declare, if necessary, a landfill site as a
sensitive area from the environmental context.
10) The Local Body may, if an area is declared as environmentally
sensitive, after issuing necessary directions and directives for the
appropriate management of the area restrict the unauthorized
entry of animals, birds, livestock, and human beings and also
the excavation of stone, boulders and sand in the said area

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