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Chapter -5 Provisions On the Solid Waste Management Service Charge

Chapter -5 Provisions On the Solid Waste Management Service Charge
18. Service Charge may be Realized
1) The Local Body may fix service charge and realize from the concerned person, body or organization for making the
management of the solid waste.

2) The fixing of (Service) charge under Sub-section (1) shall be made on the basis of quantity, weight and nature of solid waste and other matters as prescribed by the Local Body.
3) The charges under Sub Section (1) may be realized by the concerned local body itself or through any organization or body specified by it.
4) Not withstanding anything written elsewhere in this Section, person, organization or body entrusted with the responsibility to make management of solid waste under Section 15, may on the basis of understanding with the local body realize charges from concerned person, organization or body for making the management of solid waste.
However, the under-privileged group shall be provided a discount as prescribed.
5) The local body shall spend the income, generated through the charges and the income received by involving the private sector in the management of solid waste, for the management of solid waste, environmental protection and development of landfill site of the affected areas by making a separate heading and confining it within the prescribed standard.
19. Services may be Suspended or Terminated:
1) Local body may suspend or terminate the services of service users relating to the management of solid waste, of defaulter of service charges under Section 18.
2) Notwithstanding anything written in the Sub-section(1), any person, organization or body entrusted with the responsibility of solid waste management under Section 15 may suspend or terminate the services of defaulters under Section 18 (4) of solid waste management provided for users of services and such information of suspension or termination shall be given to the local body.
3) In case of suspension or termination of services under Sub-section (1) or (2), the concerned house owner shall make management of the solid waste produced from the house by himself/herself.
4) The services of users of the service who pay the dues of service charges under Section 18 shall be resumed after the payment.


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