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Chapter – 6 Provision on Follow-up of Pollution Control and Solid waste Management Works

Chapter – 6 Provision on Follow-up of Pollution Control and Solid waste Management Works
20. Pollution Control:
1) The Local Body shall bear the responsibility of the managing the
solid waste collected from its area in a manner so that the adverse
effects on the environment would be minimized as less as possible.
2) The Centre shall extend necessary technical co-operation to the
Local Body for the purpose of management of solid waste in a
pollution free manner.
3) The Local Body shall follow the standard set under this Act, while
conducting discharge and management of collecting solid waste.
21. Follow-up of Management of Solid waste:
(1) The Local Body shall make or cause to make regular follow up of
solid waste management and discharge works.
(2) The Local Body shall for the purpose of follow up to be made or
cause to be made, prepare necessary plan of action and apply it.
3) The person deputed for follow up under Sub-section (1) shall submit
report after the completion of follow up works to the concerned
Local Body.
4) The Local Body shall make necessary arrangement for the
correction to be made or implementation to be done on the issues
pointed out by the report received under Sub Section (3).
5) The Centre shall make available technical cooperation to the Local
Body if requested for the follow up of the solid waste management
works and the Centre shall also work for the follow up on the
whole management situation of solid waste.
22. Provisions on Financial, Social Development and Environment
1) The Local Body shall, prepare a master plan for the financial,
economic, social, physical development and environment
conservation for the landfill site affected area and implement the
plan by preparing various programs.
2) The Local Body may principally run programs for the purpose of
Sub-section (1) on the following Sectors;-:
a) Road construction, electricity supply, drinking water,
sewerage discharge, sanitation and environment conservation,
b) Establishment and operation of schools and health
c) Necessary programmes for the uplift and development of the
economically disadvantaged and socially under-privileged
groups of people of the affected area of the landfill site.
3) Local Body shall, after consultation with concerned community
prepare a plan under Sub-section (1) or make selection of
programmes under Sub-section (2).
4) The implementation of the programmes prepared for the affected
area under this Section shall be made so as to ensure the
participation of the local community.
5) For running the landfill site or implementation of any programme
for the same, each and every activity shall be made compatible
with the standard set for the protection of the environment under
the prevailing law.
6) A committee may be constituted at the local level to advice on the
economic and social development and conservation of the
environment of the seriously affected and affected area due to
landfill site management.
Explanation: For the purpose of this section “Seriously
Affected Area” shall mean an area prescribed by the Government
of Nepal by publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette


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