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4. Utilization of Water Resources

4. Utilization of Water Resources:

(1) No person shall be entitled to utilize the water resources without obtaining a license under this Act.
(2) Notwithstanding anything written in Sub-section (1), no license shall be required for the following uses of water resources.
(a) For one’s own drinking and other domestic use on an individual or collective basis,
(b) For the irrigation of one’s own land on an individual or collective basis,
(c) For the purpose of running water-mill or water-grinder as cottage industry,
(d) For the use of boat on personal basis for local transportation,
(e) For the use, as prescribed, of the water resources confined to a land by the owner of such land.
(3) A person or a corporate body making use of water resources shall make its beneficial use without causing damage to other


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