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7. Priority Order on the Utilization of Water Resources

7. Priority Order on the Utilization of Water Resources:

(1) While utilizing water resources following priority order shall, in general, be followed:
(a) Drinking water and domestic users;
(b) Irrigation;
(c) Agricultural uses such as animal husbandry and fisheries;
(d) Hydroelectricity;
(e) Cottage Industry, industrial enterprises and mining uses,
(f) Navigation;
(g) Recreational uses;
(h) Other uses.
(2) If a dispute arises while utilizing water resources, the prescribed committee shall, on the basis of priority order as set out in Sub-section (1), the beneficial use or misuse made of the water resources in accordance with Sub-
section (3) of Section 4 and also by conducting other necessary enquiries, decide as to whether or not or in what manner such use could be made.
(3) The decision made by the prescribed committee pursuant to Sub- section (2) shall be valid to all concerned.
(4) The procedure of the committee, as prescribed pursuant to Sub- section (2), while deciding on matters mentioned on that Sub-section, shall be as prescribed.


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