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16. Utilization and Acquisition of Other’s Land and House

16. Utilization and Acquisition of Other’s Land and House:

(1) If it is required that the land or house of any person be used or acquired for the purpose of  performing any of the following function, the licensee may submit an application to Government of Nepal :
(a) For the construction of a dam or barrage,
(b) For the construction of canal, ditch or tunnel,
(c) For the construction of a water tank on the surface or underground or for laying pipe,
(d) For the construction of ponds or installation of a water distributing centre,
(e) For performing any other necessary work related to the development of water resources.
(2) On receipt of an application pursuant to Sub-section (1), Government of Nepal may, after conducting necessary enquires into the matter, make available such land or house in the same manner as it makes available to any corporate body under the prevailing laws.
(3) If a construction work relating to the development and utilization of water resources has been performed by Government of Nepal or a licensee, Government of Nepal may prohibit to use the premises of a house or land located
in the area where such construction work is performed or the premises of a house or land located in the prescribed distance from such place of construction by any other person for any specified purpose. Government of Nepal or the licensee shall pay compensation, as prescribed, to the concerned person for such damage or loss caused due to such prohibition


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