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22. Penalties

22. Penalties:

(1) The prescribed officer may impose a fine upto an amount of five thousand rupees to any person who acts in contravention of this Act or Rules made under this Act and realize compensation also for such damage from such person if damage is caused to anybody due to such act.
(2) The prescribed, officer may impose a fine up to five thousand rupees and cause to close such activity if any person utilize the water resources without obtaining the license which is required to be obtained under this act or without
observing the terms and condition set forth in the license.
(3) If a person steals, misuses or uses unauthoritatively the services developed out of the water resources pursuant to this Act, such person may be punished with a fine at par with the value of the services and the value of such
services shall be realized from such person by the prescribed officer.
(4) If any person causes adverse effect, demolishes, destroys or causes harm otherwise with mala fide intention to any source of drinking water, dam, canal or any structure related to the utilization of water resources or any other
structure related to the same or induces to do the said acts or attempt to do so, such person may be punished with a fine at par with the value of the damages or with imprisonment up to ten years or both realizing the value of such damages from such person.


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