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24. Power to Make Rules

24. Power to Make Rules:

(1) Government of Nepal may frame Rules in order to carry out the objectives of this Act.
(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the powers conferred by Sub- section (1), Government of Nepal may frame Rules, in particular, on the following subjects:
(a) Matters relating to drinking water, irrigation, navigation, industrial and recreational uses and matters related to similar uses of water resources.
(b) Matters relating to conservation of water resources and the control of flood and soil erosion.
(c) Matters relating to the conservation of environment.
(d) Matters relating to fee, charges etc. payable to Government of Nepal    for the utilization of any service related to water resources.
(e) Matters relating to the pollution prevention of water resources.
(f) Methods of various uses of water resources.
(g) Matters relating to the setting of standards of services, generated from the utilization of water resources.
(h) Matters relating to accident caused by the utilization of water resources and enquiries into such matter and matters relating to compensation thereto.
(i) Matters relating to users association and other matters related to users including protection and facilities to be provided to the users.
(j) Other necessary matters relating to the development and utilization of the water resources.


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