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4. Powers, Functions and Duties of the Committee

4. Powers, Functions and Duties of the Committee :

The Powers, functions and duties of the Committee shall be as follows;
(a) To recommend, Programmes and priorities of privatization, to the  Government of Nepal in view of suggestions contained in the Finance Committee (House of representatives) Report.
(b) To conduct study or research in order to formulate privatization programs .
(c) To require evaluation of the enterprise and to recommend Government of Nepal on the process of privatization;
(d) To co-ordinate and remove hindrances faced in the cause of privatization process .
(e) To follow-up the decisions and agreements relating to privatization and cause to do so;
(f) To constitute sub-committees, as may be necessary, in respect of privatization; and

(g) To perform or require to be performed other works, if necessary, in respect of privatization.


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