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5. Committee Meeting and Decision

5. Committee Meeting and Decision :

(1) The meeting of the Committee shall be held on the date, time and place designated by the Chairperson.
(2) The Chairperson of the Committee shall preside over the meeting of the Committee, and in his/her absence, the meeting shall be presided over by a member selected by the members present from among themselves.
(3) In the Committee, the decision of the majority shall prevail; in case of a tie, the presiding person shall have a casting vote.
(4) Attendance of members present in the meeting, agenda, and the decision made thereon shall be recorded in a Minute Book.
(5) The decisions of the Committee shall be certified by the member- secretary.
(6) The Committee may, if necessary, invite any national or foreign expert or consultant to attend the meeting as an observer.
(7) Procedures, relating to the meetings, shall be as determined by the Committee.


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