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8. Determination of Privatization Process

8. Determination of Privatization Process :

Government of Nepal may  privatize any enterprise which has been classified for privatization in pursuance of any or all of the following processes –
(a) By sale of shares of the enterprise to the general public, employees, workers, and any person or company, interested in the management of such enterprise.
Provided, participation general public, workers and employees shall be maximized to the extent possible taking
into account of the nature and financial condition of the enterprise in the course of sells of such shares.
(b) By formation of cooperatives ;
(c) by selling assets of the enterprise;
(d) By leasing out the assets of the enterprise;
(e) By involving private sector in the management of the enterprise; and
(f) By adopting any other modality considered appropriate by Government of Nepal on the basis of the recommendation of the Committee.


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