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14. Provisions Relating to Employees

14. Provisions Relating to Employees :

(1) Government of Nepal may, at the time of transferring the services of, and gratuity and other benefits
accrued to the workers to the enterprise of the new investor ensure the continuity of service of the present workers in the enterprise to be privatized.
(2) If, the continuity of service as mentioned in Sub-Section (1) could not be maintained, and thereby, the present employees and workers of the enterprise have to be retrenched, Government of Nepal may, on  recommendation of the Committee, retire such employees and workers subject to the provisions of Sub-Section (3).
(3) Where retrenchment is granted pursuant to Sub-Section (2), Government of Nepal shall on the recommendation of the Committee, arrange for reasonable compensation or benefits in respect of the present employees and workers being retired from the privatized enterprise.
(4) Government of Nepal shall make available to the present employees and worker of the privatized enterprise, shares of such enterprise free of cost or at discount price.


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