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16. Certificates to be granted by the Institute:

Notwithstanding anything contained in the pre vailing law, the Institute may grant bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate degrees and other certificate and degrees on health under this Act.

22 Amended by the First Amendment.
23 Inserted by the First Amendment.

17. Recognition of certificate to be granted by the Institute:

The recognition of the bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate degrees and other certificate and degrees on health to be granted by the Institute under this Act shall be pursuant to the Nepal Medical Council Act, 2020.

18. Annual Report:

The V ice-Chance llor 24 sha ll submit an annual report of Institute to the Council no later than Three months a fter the da te of expira tion of the fiscal year.

19. 25 Delegation of powers:

The Institute may de le gate a ny of the powers c onferred to it under this Ac t or the Rule s frame d under this Ac t to a ny member of the Counc il.

20. To act in consonance with national health and education policies of the Government of N epal:

It shall be the duty of the Institute to act in consonance with nationa l hea lth and education policie s of the Governme nt of Nepal.

20A .26Powers of the Government of Nepal to give necessary direction:

Go vernme nt of Nepal may give necessary direction to the Institute.

24 Amended by the First Amendment.
25 Amended by the First Amendment.
26 Inserted by the First Amendment.
21. Exemptions and facilities to the Institute:

The following things of the Institute shall be exempted from taxes such customs, sales tax,……27:
(a) Construction materials, machineries and equipment imported from abroad for the building and operation of the Institute.
(b) Scholarships and prizes to be provided by the Institute.
(c) Donation, gift, grant and other income received by the Institute and property of the Institute.
(d) Registration of any deeds whatsoever required to be registered.

22. Liaison Ministry:

In ma king c ontac t w ith the Governme nt of Nepa l, the Institute sha ll do so through the Ministry of Hea lth, Governme nt of Nepal.

23. Powers to frame Rules:

The Council may frame necessary Rules for the implementation of the objectives of this Act.

27 Repealed by the Income Tax Act, 2058.


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