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The Caste Based Discrimination and Untouchability (Offence and Punishment) Act, 2068 (2011)

The Caste-Based Discrimination and Untouchability (Offence and Punishment) Act, 2068 (2011)

Date of Authentication and Publication

2068.2.18 (1 June, 2011)

Amending Acts:

1.The Act Amending Some Nepal Acts, 2072 (2016)2072.11.13

(25 February, 2016)

2.The Caste-Based Discrimination and Untouchability (Offence and Punishment) (First Amendment) Act, 2075 (2018)2075.6.2

(18 September, 2018)


3.The Act Amending Some Nepal Acts Relating to National Code, 2075 (2018)2076.1.2

(15 April, 2019)


Act Number 4 of the year 2068 (2011)

An Act Made to Make Provisions Relating to Caste-based Discrimination and Untouchability

Preamble: Whereas, it is expedient to make timely provisions to protect the right of every person to equality, freedom and to live with human dignity, by creating a situation where there exists no untouchability and discrimination, on the ground of origin, caste, race, descent, community, occupation or business or physical condition in the name of custom, tradition, religion, culture, ritual or any other name, while recognizing the principle that every person is equal in terms of rights and human dignity, to make punishable the acts of untouchability, exclusion, restriction expulsion, contempt or any other discriminatory act that is against humanity, to provide compensation to the victims of such acts, to keep intact the national unity and create an egalitarian society, by strengthening the relationship subsisting among the general public;

Now, therefore, be it enacted by the Constituent Assembly in the capacity of the Legislature-Parliament pursuant to Article 83 of the Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063.


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