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17. Examination of application

17. Examination of application:

(1) The registrar shall make necessary inquiry into the application made pursuant to Section 16 and make a submission to the concerned thematic committee for the registration of name in the register.
(2) The concerned thematic committee shall inquire into the application made pursuant to Sub-section (1) as to whether the qualifications certificate and degree are recognized ones or not and whether the application meets the requirements and submit a report to the Council within fifteen days.
(3) The Council shall, based on the report submitted by the committee pursuant to Sub-section (2), make decision to or not to register the name of applicant in the register.
(4) Where the Council makes decision to enter the name of the applicant in the register pursuant to Sub-section (3), the registrar shall enter the name of such applicant in the register and provide the applicant with the registration certificate in the prescribed format. Where the Council decides not to register the name of applicant, the registrar shall give information thereof to the applicant.

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