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18. Deletion of name from register and re-registration

18. Deletion of name from register and re-registration:

(1) In any of the following circumstances, the Council may issue an order to delete the name of a registered health professional from the register:
(a) where he/she has been punished by a court in a criminal offense involving moral turpitude;
(b) where two-thirds majority of the Council adopt a resolution that he/she has not observed the prescribed professional code of conduct; or
(c) where he/she is unable to carry on profession because of insanity or physical condition.
(2) Where a nursing professional whose name has been deleted from the register pursuant to Sub-section (1), showing a reasonable reason, makes an application for re-registration of his/her name, and the Council deems it reasonable for the re-registration of his/her name, the Council may give an order to register his/her name.
(3) In cases where an order is received pursuant to Sub-section (2), the registrar shall re-register the name of such nursing professional in the register and issue the certificate, by collecting the fees as prescribed.

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