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2. Definition

2. Definition: Unless the subject or context otherwise requires, in this Act;-

(a) “Officials of constitutional bodies” means sitting officials of constitutional bodies appointed on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council pursuant to Sub-article (1) of Article 149 of the Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063 and this expression also includes the sitting judges of the Supreme Court.
(b) “Incompetence” means a condition where an official of constitutional body becomes unable to discharge his/her official duties due to physical or mental reasons
(c) “Misconduct” means a condition where an official of constitutional body lacks conduct in consonance with his/her office and this expression also includes an act to be deemed corruption pursuant to prevailing law.
(d) “Failure to discharge the duties of office honestly” means a condition where an official of constitutional body fails to discharge the duties of his/her office in good faith.
(e) “Inquiry Committee” means an Inquiry Committee to be constituted pursuant to Sub-section (1) of Section 4.


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