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8. Procedures of inquiry

8. Procedures of inquiry:

(1) The Inquiry Committee shall prepare a charge-sheet against accused official of constitutional body upon setting out the reasons and grounds mentioned in the motion of impeachment and shall give a reasonable opportunity to the accused person to submit his/her clarification along with the said charge-sheet.
(2) The charge-sheet pursuant to Sub-section (1) shall contain inter alia, the following matters:
(a) A summary of particulars of the charge mentioned in the motion of impeachment,
(b) The grounds of charge and the evidence thereof, if any,
(c) The particulars and evidence as mentioned in Clauses
(a) and (b) of each charges if the motion of impeachment is submitted for more than One charges at the same time,
(d) Other necessary matters.
(3) If the official of constitutional body fails to submit his/her clarification within a time given pursuant to Sub-section (1) or if the inquiry committee finds that the said clarification is not reasonable, it shall decide as to whether the motion of impeachment is reasonable or not.


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